terça-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2018

NNI - Option 3 or Option C (AKA 10B) - [3a and 3b]

Hi All,

Continuing with the NNI topic, on this post you will see NNI Option 3a and 3b.

You can download all material on the link below.

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Customer-A MPLS and NNI - PPT Study Case - ABLONGO NETWORKS v2.0.PDF
Presentation File - PDF format

MPLS-NNI Lab - Not Configured.zip
Virtual LABs - EVE-NG format

On Option 3a, means that the RRs routers from each ISP are connected directly, so the ASBR function is fused on the same hardware/device making no sense the redistribute BGP on the IGP of each ISP RR.
Below i will show only the 3b, but you can use it as reference if your option is use the 3a.

EoMPLS ( L2TPv3 / Xconnect ) Port Mode

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